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Marco Bottiglieri

Named in Variety as one of the up-and-coming filmmakers who represents the future of film, media, and entertainment; Marco has directed and produced hundreds of nationally acclaimed films, commercials, and music videos over the last decade. At 23, Marco completed his first directorial feature film, COLOR ME YOU, and is premiered his second feature, THE CHAINSAW ARTIST at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, featuring Clint Eastwood and Sam Elliott. Marco has also shot and directed Titus Welliver, Scott Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, Tom Arnold, Kobe Bryant, Jenny McCarthy, Shawne Merriman, Scottie Pippen, Buck Taylor, Stephen Bishop, Guy Tang, and William Shatner. His talent has gained him recognition at SXSW International Film Festival, Dallas AFI Film Festival, the Los Angeles Movie Awards, and the Las Vegas Film Festival. His philosophy is to think like a producer, but create like a director.


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